About CSC

Who We Are

We started our Journey since 1999, with the mission of "Making People Employable" and entered into the industry as a cad training academy with a small passionate team under the leadership of Shinz Antony & Shiju Antony, two brothers with 100% commitment to build the competency of growing Engineers. Today UIT Group is one of the leading business organizations in the training industry with its corporate office at Dubai, that has molded the youth & the world through CADD INTERNATIONAL - Exclusive design training Academy, Meptech - Exclusive MEP training academy, Rays & Hues - Interior and Architecture training Division, UIT Global - Exclusive for CANADA education and ILS - International Language studio for language study. From the Inspiration of our success in the training industry, we entered the Interior world a decade back and now provide service in UAE with the brand UIT INTERIORS.

Bringing UIT Quality to the World

UIT Group is trusted and loved in countries around the world for their quality. That is the result of the combined strength of our research, development, sales and servicing operations which are based on the “customer first” principle.

CADD INTERNATIONAL is an initiative of UIT group International which started in 1999. CADD International is now one of the leading professional education providers in Asia with an exclusive division for cad, BIM & PPM programs. By serving various GCC customers through UAE training centres in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, CADD International became the first choice for all design aspirants living in this region and continuing its journey by holding hands and gaining the trust of lakhs of students from all around the world serving in different parts of the Industry world globally.


About CSC

CADD INTERNATIONAL’s CSC is a venture envisioned to transform every engineering student/professional around the world to a highly competent designer fulfilling the industry requirements for now and for the future. Through CSC, CADD International offers a new experience to the world by ensuring not only the customer’s happiness and success but also the transformation and growth of our trusted partners globally.








" Through Teamwork & Partnership we will Achieve the Great Success "


An Unparalleled Passion For Business

We have a passion for our business but we also have a passion for your business. Our expertise has made us the leader in our field and developing our knowledge and skills is what keeps us there. We provide guidance on the latest design, analysis, data management, collaboration and business process platforms to solve everyday challenges and improve business performance. Our team is committed to delivering technical excellence during implementation, technical support, training, consulting and change management services. Integrity is essential to the success of our business, so if we make a promise we will keep it. Through teamwork and partnership we will achieve the greatest success.


Transformation of students

We aim to transform our students by providing high quality training & molding them into an efficient professional capable to fulfill the industry needs.

Transformation of our young trusted partners

Our mission is to build passionate youth to successful leaders by leading an International venture transforming their career creating change in lives through our dedicated support.

Transformation of society

As a whole the mission of CSC is holistic, the entire profit will be utilized for the transformation of the youth and child education while we add value to the education of every child through quality training.


To build, empower, and inspire the young generation with quality training through the transformation of career.

Our Path Behind Global Mission

Passion to Serve

Training the engineering aspirants is not just an activity for us but an emotion with passion and love to see the success of all our students. Each new day we strive for much beer than yesterday on the way of our mission to carve the future of our students.

Build the Future Engineers

We play an inevitable role in an engineering student’s life than what a college does because it’s we who build highly paid professionals even from +2 qualified engineering aspirants. We continue our journey serving the Industry world by providing great visioned designers to the industry world taking it to new heights.

1 lakh students

Our confidence is the secret behind our powerful journey which is derived from our student’s success who got recognized and valued by getting placed in reputed organizations all around the world based on what they have become through our training. It is our student’s success that placing the CADD International brand at the top in the design training segment all me.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to excellence exists at every level of our business. Each individual business interaction is treated as an opportunity to demonstrate fantastic customer service. We are proud of our customer satisfaction record which is proven many mes through their words and love.

" Begin Your New Career as an Entrepreneur with International Brand "


Diversifying in Online Training


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