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V-Ray: 3D Rendering & Simulation Software

V Ray training at Cadd International offers you a range of features to take your 3d Visualization skills to next level that will impress your clients and colleagues alike.V Ray is a powerful tool used for 3d visualization that has become an industry standard in the field of architecture, interior design and engineering. You can create realistic, high quality renders that allow you to visualize your designs in an immense and photorealistic way. V ray is the ideal choice for creating stunning visualizations as it offers a variety of features such as advanced lighting and shading tools,dynamic geometry and realistic materials.

V-Ray - Learning Objectives

  • System settings and rules of the scene for good work.
  • Effective modeling.
  • Visualization.
  • Setting of the camera.
  • Detailed setup of VRay Physical Camera with all the important parameters.
  • Light.
  • Usage of VRay light sources inside interior space
  • Daylight Setup.
  • Night and evening Setup.
  • All the problems of Render and their solutions.
  • Pre-visualization (Preview Settings).
  • The final visualization (Hi-Res Settings).
  • Composition.

Importance of V-Ray in Interior Designing & Visualization Sector

  • V-Ray for Beginners
  • V-Ray for Architects
  • V-Ray for Civil Engineers
  • V-Ray for Interior Designers

Why should learn?

  • High quality renders- The software is capable of stimulating complex lightning scenarios, materials and textures which results in photo-realistic outputs.
  • Faster Rendering- V Ray uses a range of algorithms to optimize rendering times which helps to render high quality output in fraction of time.
  • Flexible workflow- It integrates with a range of 3D modeling softwares including Sketchup, 3ds Max and Rhino.
  • Advanced materials and textures- It provides a library of advanced materials and textures, allowing users to achieve realistic surfaces and finishes.
  • Interactive Rendering- V Ray offers an interactive rendering mode that allows users to see the changes in their scene in real time
  • Scalable Rendering- V Ray supports distributed rendering which allows multiple users to render large scenes across multiple designs.

Make Learning
an experience for you

  • Industry Based Curriculum
  • International Trainers
  • Advanced Learning Features
  • Uncompromised Quality
  • Globally Valid Certification
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Life long Support
  • Innovative Training Methodologies

CADD International Corporate Clients in V-Ray

Job Opportunities

  • 3D Visualizer
  • Design Research & Development
  • Furniture Consultant
  • Product Designer
  • Kitchen Designer
  • Commercial Designer
  • Site Supervisor
  • Project Manager - Interior
  • Interior Designer
  • Creative Visualizer

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    Corporate Clients

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The standard duration to learn V-Ray is 30 hrs, but considering the capability of the student, this may vary.

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