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Etabs is a refined and convenient special purpose analysis and design program developed especially for building systems. With its integrated system and the ability to handle the largest and most complex building models configuration,it assures:

  • Powerful CAD-like drawing tools in a graphical and object based interface.
  • Increased productivity of structural engineers in the building industry.
  • Significant savings in time and efficiency over general purpose programs.


Etabs can help you convert your ideas into product designs quickly and effectively. It enhances your ability to learn the geometry of building systems. In Etabs,model creation and reporting of results are accomplished at the object level. It enables the designer to focus on macroscopic performance targets. Etabs is well equipped to handle simplified lateral procedures, Push-over analysis, Response Spectrum Analysis and Response History Analysis. The data output options are much more conducive to lateral design in special purpose software like Etabs.


  • Modeling: How to work with the physical aspect based articles and along these lines require less time in making of the model and understanding of the outcomes.
  • Concrete Frame Design and Detailing: Applicable to line items and the project decides the proper outline strategy when the examination is run.
  • Steel Frame Design and Detailing: How to detail the procedure utilizing different configuration code calculations for steel part determination, strain checking and drift enhancement.
  • Steel Connection Design: Design of steel associations is flawlessly coordinated inside of the project.
  • Composite Beam: Auto select-segment property can be characterized to composite shafts to decide their sizes for investigation.
  • Dynamic Analysis: Various alternatives from reaction range investigation to substantial distortion nonlinear time investigation.

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