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Benefits to our Partners


Customer Support Centre

A customer support centre serves as a representative of CADD International by providing our services in the same quality to all the students in their territory. This representative of CADD International will provide training in three different platforms which is GO LIVE+, Cloud training, and instead of direct training platforms in centres, they will provide training by going to the colleges and companies directly under the agreement or order made with the same. CSC also gets the opportunity to be a part of CADD International’s other initiatives after approval from the regional office.

The CSC provides training in three different platforms which are GO LIVE+ Cloud training, and Direct training. Apart from the other two training platforms of CADD International, the CSC has the advantage of offering the direct training platform to the world in a different way from the standard format. CSC delivers direct training to colleges and corporates in their territory on a contract basis.

Industry based advanced training is offered to all the students of CADD International’s CSC through both GO LIVE+ & Cloud training - online platforms and through Direct training which is an offline mode of training. The online training will be directed by our International corporate trainers. So whatever the mode of training, service quality is not compromised for our support centres also.

The CSC’s students get an internationally valid certificate for any course. This certificate is Autodesk authorized and the Dubai ministry approved with KHDA attestation. CSC also provides a competency certificate approved by the QAMS division of UIT GROUP International to all the students and non-students who have software knowledge in respective software after rigorous evaluation. Hence CSC offers international dual certification to students.

The CSC’s are given full control in their territory and 75% of any income generated from this territory will be accounted to the respective zone’s CSC. CSC has the advantage of having full control over a certain region and the benefit of focussing in a closed area.

The CSC’s of CADD International will have a unique infrastructure to convey to the world that we are one brand with the same quality and standard all over the world. The interior works of CSC will be done by the H.O at no extra cost, reducing the investment to begin a CSC.

The investors of CSC will get a startup kit with digital marketing promotion worth $2000 at no extra cost. The CSC also gets the benefit of having a common digital platform for promotion and they have the freedom to make use of it to its maximum for our business goal.

All the well-performing CSC’s are recognized and appreciated for their achievements in the Annual Global Conference conducted by CADD International. The QAMS division of UIT Group International will star grade each CSC based on the service, quality, and business done by them. The star grade assigned by the QAMS division is internationally recognized and valued as the best and will be displayed in the respective centres.

The students of CSC will receive international support from our head office and students will also get the opportunity to participate in various national and international level competency events conducted by CADD International.

The CSC will also get support to conduct various promotional events in their territory from our Head Office.

The investors in a CSC have the advantage of beginning as a CSC and later based on the performance as a CSC, they can modify into a Direct centre in conformation to its requirements.


Direct Centre

The direct centres are authorized service providers of CADD International that run under a franchise agreement. The direct centre enjoys all the benefits and powers of a CADD International centre with few exceptions under the monitor of H.O. These centres will get support from the H.O at any point in time. Like CSC, Direct centres also have complete control over their territory, and no other CSC or direct centre is allowed to begin in that territory. An exception to the above said is that a CSC can be started in that territory with the NOC of the direct centre. The course materials are also an advantage of the direct centre which is only available to them.


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