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Why Us


Education is a divine process of opening one’s eyes to the world by transforming into a better version of ourselves. Education is the most powerful tool to change the world through us. With that aim, UIT Group has formed various divisions to serve the world for generations to come through quality service.

Engineering is a modern stream of education which plays a major role in the changes happening in the world for decades. Each year the world is getting updated with a lot of innovative ideas that have been made into reality by the engineering world. To continue mesmerizing the world with innovations, we equip the engineering world with more powerful and capable engineers through advanced learning methods, industry-based curriculum, International faculties, and profession-oriented grooming.

Engineering offers a wide range of never-ending opportunities leaving us everlasting scope for the engineering aspirants and everlasting life to our mission. We fulfill these worldwide opportunities by utilizing the scope giving outstanding quality service creating a one-time experience as a monopoly in the cad world.

Service Providers


Now we CADD International, extending our service network worldwide for our mission to transform the youth and educate the children building the next generation of leaders. We are giving this opportunity to young energetic passionate people to serve as our corporate support centres and direct centres striving to achieve our mission elevating our brand value all over the world.

As our corporate support centre, one gets to run this entity with minimum requirements and maximum possibilities. A corporate support centre functions as our representative providing training to corporates, training to colleges on a contract basis, providing support to online students, and conducting demos in the centre, colleges, and various events.

On the other hand, the direct centre functions more like the main office with all the features and facilities of our brand. They are given the full authority of their territory and no corporate support centre is allowed to run in their jurisdiction.

The corporate support centre is a good start for the young generation with less investment and no risk. This centre can be later upgraded to a direct centre which is purely allowed based on its running status as a corporate support centre. A corporate support centre is allowed to run in the territory of a direct centre only with the NOC of the respective direct centre.


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